Big Little Gifts for Big/Little Reveal


Alright, picture this, sorority sisters! Big/Little gifts are like the ultimate sisterhood treasures, chosen to add a serious dose of sparkle to your sorority life. So, you've survived the chaos of bid day, right? Now, it's time for the Big/Little reveal week — the moment we've all been waiting for!

Imagine the buzz on campus as everyone wonders who their big sister (Big) is going to be. It's like the biggest, juiciest gossip, but in the best way possible! And then, BAM! Big/Little reveal happens, and you divulge your little sister (Little). 

As a Big, you'll be your Little's campus fairy godmother, her confidante, her sisterly guide to college life. So how do you welcome her? Simple! You give her sorority Little gifts! These gifts are like personalized love letters wrapped in sisterly affection. Think of sorority swag, cute jewelry or a basket filled with goodies tailored just for her.

And that's where we come in! We're about to spill the beans on the ultimate sorority gift baskets designed to make your Big/Little reveal week an unforgettable experience.

Ideas for Big Little Reveal Basket Items

Ready to create the most epic Big/Little gift basket ever? 

Think about what she loves, whether it's snacks, cozy coffee or tea, chic decor, greenery like plants, or any other cool stuff. Then, sprinkle in some sorority magic with practical merchandise like keychains, snug blankets, stylish tumblers, cute hats, comfy slippers or even a handy fanny pack.

We've got a bunch of awesome ideas that'll make your Little jump for joy during the Big/Little reveal week.

1. Blanket

Cozy and stylish, a sorority blanket is perfect for snuggling up during a movie night or spreading at a sorority picnic. Plus, it's a stylish way to display your Greek letters. 

2. Fanny Pack

Whether she's heading to sorority events, going to concerts or exploring campus, a belted fanny pack keeps her essentials close and her hands free. It's the ultimate Big/Little gift that combines style and convenience. Plus, it proudly displays her Greek letters, making it a stylish statement piece.

3. Flag

Why not add a sorority flag to celebrate your sorority bond? Whether she hangs it in her dorm, takes it to sorority events or waves it at gatherings, the flag embodies your collective spirit. It's a statement of unity and a reminder of the incredible sisterhood you share. 

4. Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are like a warm hug for her feet during chilly nights. With every step she takes, she'll feel the love and warmth you share in your sisterhood. Fuzzy socks — because comfort and sisterhood go hand in er… foot in foot!

5. Gift Cards

A gift card lets her choose exactly what she wants. Whether purchasing a gift card to her favorite restaurant, coffee shop or clothing store, it shows that you know her well and want her to enjoy something special. 

6. Hat

Is your Little the outdoorsy type? Then, gift her a baseball-style sorority hat. Whether shading herself from the sun at outdoor events or adding a trendy touch to her outfit, the hat proudly displays her Greek pride. It's a chic and versatile accessory that celebrates her sorority spirit.

7. Keychains

A sorority keychain is a constant reminder of your unbreakable sisterly bond. Keychains come in various designs — like a vintage motel style or a glitter sorority design — making it easy to pick one that matches her style. Plus, it'll help her spot her keys in the abyss of her backpack. 

8. Makeup 

If she's a makeup enthusiast, load up her basket with makeup must-haves. Include lip gloss or balm, mascara, or a chic eyeshadow palette. You can even pop in a handy-dandy portable makeup mirror.

9. Makeup Bag

To pair with her makeup, a cute sorority makeup bag is a must. She'll remember your special bond whenever she reaches for her mascara or lip gloss. Plus, it's a daily accessory that flaunts her Greek pride in style. 

10. Necklace

Zeta Phi Beta Name Necklace

A timeless gift! Every time she wears her elegant sorority necklace, she carries your bond close to her heart. It's a reminder of the support, love and shared experiences of being part of a sorority. She can wear it proudly to chapter meetings or as an everyday accessory. 

11. Phone Wallet

For a Little on the go, consider adding a phone wallet to your Big/Little gift basket. It's a handy accessory to keep her essentials in one place. Plus, it proudly displays her Greek letters, showcasing her sorority pride wherever she ventures. It's a practical accessory that adds a touch of sisterhood flair to her everyday life. 

12. Rings

When you gift a ring to your Little, it becomes a precious reminder of sisterhood. Each time she looks at her ring, she'll remember your special bond and the support of her sorority sisters. 

13. Ring Dish

ceramic sorority ring dish is a thoughtful Big/Little gift. This decorative piece keeps her rings safe and adds a touch of style to her space. Every time she places her ring in the dish, she'll be reminded of your strong bond and the love of her sorority sisters. 

14. Room Decor

Elevate her space with decorative items that match her style. Whether it's scented candles or wall decor, these gifts can transform her dorm room into a sorority sanctuary. It's a thoughtful way to make her feel at home and keep the sisterhood spirit alive within her space. 

15. Self-Care Products

Treat your new sorority sister to self-care treasures like silky body wash, exfoliating scrubs and lotions for that post-bath glow. Add in face and hair masks for those spa nights, and remember the bath bombs for some fizzy relaxation. A nail kit with trendy nail polish is the perfect finishing touch. It's all about helping her unwind and feel pampered because every sorority queen deserves some TLC.

16. Slippers

Let's get comfy with a comfy pair of furry slippers! She can flaunt them while lounging in the sorority house or relaxing in her dorm room. These comfy slippers will keep her toes toasty and her heart warm. It's a thoughtful and cozy gesture! 

17. Stickers

Sorority stickers and decals are the OG way to show your Greek pride and the perfect sorority merchandise to jazz up your Big/Little reveal basket. Your Little can stick them on laptops, water bottles or notebooks. Stickers unite sorority spirit and personal style, making them a fun, versatile and budget-friendly choice for your sisterly surprise.

18. Succulents and Plants 

For the plant lover, consider gifting a cute succulent or an easy-to-care-for plant. They add a touch of nature to her space but also symbolize growth and friendship. Succulents are low-maintenance, making them perfect for busy college life. Plus, they're a reminder that your bond is as strong and enduring as these green wonders. It's a heartfelt gift that breathes life into your sisterhood connection. 

19. Sunglasses

Keep your Little looking cool and chic with sorority-themed shades. Whether she's strutting across campus or enjoying outdoor sorority events, sunglasses are a stylish way to flaunt her Greek pride. It's a gift that shields her eyes from the sun's rays and lets her shine as a proud sorority sister. 

20. Sweet and Savory Snacks

If your Little is a foodie at heart, surprise her with her favorite snacks. Whether she's into sweet treats, savory delights or a bit of both, snacks are the perfect pick-me-up during late-night study sessions. Plus, they make for great munchies during sorority events and movie nights. Snack on sisters! 

21. Tumbler

Help your Little stay hydrated in style with a stainless steel sorority tumbler. Whether she's sipping coffee during early morning classes or hydrating at sorority events, the tumbler proudly flaunts her Greek letters. It's eco-friendly and versatile, perfect for everyday life!


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