Your Guide to Sorority Rush Week


Heading to college? You may be slightly nervous but mostly excited about sorority rush week and exploring all the houses. Here's your guide to sorority rush week to ensure your time is all fire and no flames. 

What Is Rush in a Sorority?

Rush week is the process of recruiting potential members to join a sorority. This rushing process includes various themed rounds unique to each campus and chapter. 

You'll keep hearing throughout the rush: "Trust the process." Although you'll be sick of hearing it, it's true. The rush has been refined to ensure you get the perfect house. Yes, you may land in a house that wasn't your top preference, but you'll soon see why you can "trust the process." 

Although each university rush differs, here's a basic rundown of what to expect during the sorority rushing process:

Round 1: Open House

First up is the open house round. During this stage, you'll have a guide known as a Rho Chi, Gamma Chi or Rho Gamma. She's an older sorority member temporarily disaffiliated from her chapter to guide you. She's your go-to girl all week. 

In this round, expect tons of sorority girls cheering, screaming and dancing. You'll then be grabbed by a sorority girl and taken to a chair. Each time you're in a chair, you'll have about five minutes to make an impression and answer questions, seeing about three to four girls per chapter. Take extensive notes! Trust us, you'll need them to cut houses.

Dress code: Cute and casual with flats.

Round 2: House Tours 

During the house tours, you'll talk to a few girls, learn more about the chapter and the cost structure and have an opportunity to stand out. At this stage, you'll have cut more houses, and a few will have cut you. Don't take it personally. Trust the process!

Dress code: Think brunch with mom — a simple dress or dark jeans and a blouse with flats or slight wedges. 

Round 3: Group Activity 

The group activity, again, is school-specific and can be anything from a skit to a philanthropy presentation or craft. This round offers a great opportunity to get to know each house better.

Dress code: Dinner date vibes.

Round 4: Preference and Selection

After all the activities, you'll state your preferred sororities. This is a more formal, serious process. 

You'll spend about an hour at each house and learn about each chapter's traditions, principles and values. After a presentation by seniors, you choose two to three "prefs" where you would like to pledge. A computer system will match your preference with a selected house.

Dress code: Semiformal, like a wedding rehearsal dinner.

Quick Tips for Rushing

Get the most out of rushing by following these top do's and don'ts.

Absolute Do's


  • Take notes after each house.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Trust the process — yes, we said it again.
  • Have all the essentials on hand — makeup, mini fan, deo, blister bands, mints, water, portable charger, pen and notepad.
  • Use a drawstring bag to carry essentials.
  • Get close to the Rho Chi or your school's recruitment counselor.
  • Chat to everyone — it's the best time to make friends.
  • Be yourself.
  • Ask questions.
  • Know the dress code of each round.

Solid Don'ts

Do not:

  • Bad mouth other houses.
  • Party during rush.
  • Wear revealing or too-tight-fitting clothes.
  • Post dodgy things on social media — keep it grandparent and prospective boss-friendly.
  • Talk to actives outside of formal settings — absolute no, even if an active reaches out to you.

Life After the Rush

You finally survived the excitement, grueling hours, talking, walking and social media stalking — everyone does it, girl! Now, you have the perfect house and squad. Remember your cute merch to complete the sorority experience! Browse Sorority Shop today for all your rush week essentials.  

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