Sorority Throw Pillows - The Perfect Room Accessory!

Our new pillows are the perfect accessory for a dorm room, bedroom, or the living room in your Sorority house. Check out these ideas for using them in your home decor!

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New Sorority Throw Pillows!

Looking for the perfect addition to your dorm room bed, couch, futon, or beautiful accessories for the chairs/couches in the living space in the sorority house? Look no further! These pillows are ADORABLE.
  • Andrew Carreon

Recruitment Registration: OPEN

Have you thought about who will come through the door in the Fall, who will be new members of your Sorority/Fraternity come next semester, and who will be a big/little pair soon?


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New Leather-Style Koala Pouches!

Leather-Style Koala Pouch

Show your sorority pride in style with our leather style Koala Pouch, adhesive cell phone wallet, the perfect solution for the multitasker on the go!

Keep all of your valuables safe and secure in one place while reducing the amount of items you routinely carry. The Koala Pouch will securely hold up to 3 cards at a time and helps you with gripping your device as well.

The color for the leather-style pouch is "Saddle" which is a beautiful, caramel color (resembles real leather)!


•Fits most phones or cases.

•Conveniently stores your on-the-go necessities.

•Holds up to 3 cards at a time.


To The Graduating Seniors, Thank You.

To the graduating seniors, to the class of 2019, and to the 2015 pledge class, it's time to say goodbye. It's not a time to mourn and be sad, but a time to look back at all the wonderful memories we shared with you. It's a time you to make us proud, it's a time to show off your beauty, it's a time to dedicate to YOU.