6 Ways to Stay in Touch With Sorority Sisters Over Summer Break


You have been waiting all year to enjoy the summer break and take a load off from the hard work. The only drawback is that you won’t see all your sisters daily. Ensuring you enjoy the break while prioritizing your sisterhood bond takes time and intentionality. Here are six ways to stay in touch with your sorority sisters over summer break.   

1. Virtual Check-Ins

One of the top sorority summer tips is scheduling regular virtual check-ins. Online catchups are fun and a great way to simulate in-person interactions. Set themes, dress up and grab snacks and drinks, making your quality time exciting and something to look forward to.

You can play online games together, host a watch party or just chat about life. Schedule your catchups ahead of the summer break to ensure you invest time in building friendships.

2. Traveling Items and the Gram

Traveling items among your sisters are cute and allow you to get creative. The concept is that you choose an item or a few and take turns staging the items with backgrounds from your hometown and, where possible, with each sister wearing the items. Then, you post pictures on social media with your custom hashtag. When your allotted time is up, you send the items to the next sister on the list. Things you can include:

3. Snail Mail

Next up on the sorority ideas for summer — writing letters and postcards to your sisters. To some, snail mail is an inefficient way of keeping in touch, but writing letters is special. You can choose unique stationery and pens when creating the letters. The time and effort will mean a tremendous amount to your sisters, turning your communications into keepsake items in memory boxes and albums. 

Postcards are also great. You can send postcards of your hometown and, if you are traveling, cards from the region you visit. Your sisters can stick up these postcards in the dorm or their room at home to cherish.

4. Group Chats

Streamline your communications by creating a group chat with all your sisters. A group chat means you won’t have to repeat details, news and events individually. Everyone can stay in touch and check in with each other. 

A group chat also makes scheduling online events or virtual meetups straightforward. The group communication will help you support each other and stay connected throughout the summer break. 

5. Visits and Getaways

Another summer sorority idea is planning visits and getting together in person. If you live too far from each other, meeting your sisters at a midpoint or central location may be easier. Otherwise, you can host your sisters in your hometown or visit theirs. Spending time together during vacation will help you form deeper connections with your sisters and have fun while doing it. 

6. Care Packages

What better way to send love and show support and appreciation to your sisters than through sorority care packages? Showing your sisters you are missing them and thinking of them can make their summer. Consider our 10-item sorority gift box. Each box contains branded goods:

Alternatively, you can buy the items separately or shop for other items:

  • Picture frames: Eternalize your most cherished memories by sending your sisters photos with themed frames. The frames are sentimental and can be kept for years. 
  • Rings: The stacking ring set is a trendy gift, and your sisters can wear it daily. In a way, the rings allow you to be with them every day, no matter how far you are from each other during summer break.
  • Flip flops: Send your sisters cute flip flops to wear during summer vacation. When they kick up their feet, they will be reminded of your bond, friendship and connection.  

Have Fun With These Summer Break Sorority Ideas

Summertime is the ultimate time to relax, unwind and get your dose of vitamin D. Although this season is ideal for chilling, it can be a long time to spend away from your sisters. By investing a little time, effort and care, you can strengthen your bonds and make your sisters feel special and appreciated. 

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