Tips For The BEST Spring Break Ever!


How to make the most of your 2019 spring break!

Spring break is quickly approaching for every college! Are you fully prepared for your trip? Here are a few tips to make sure your have the BEST time ever without having to worry about anything outside of your vacation time.

  • Pack all of the essentials!
      1. Sunscreen
      2. Towels
      3. Toiletries
      4. Extra clothing
      5. Extra cash (just in case!)
      6. Tickets or proof of reservations
      7. Chargers
      8. Pillows/blankets
      9. Comfortable walking shoes
      10. Medicine
    1. Finish any important school assignments BEFORE you leave! Make sure there are no worries in the back of your head that will keep you from having the best time ever. It’s always good to have all your lists checked off before you leave.
    2. Leave your friends with any emergency contact information they might need for you. You never know when an accident may occur.
    3. Always stay with a group when you’re in an unfamiliar place. This is a given!
    4. Stay hydrated in warm locations! Keep your body number one priority and make sure you’re staying hydrated and getting the rest you need to enjoy your trip!
    5. Save money by buying groceries, packing lunches, and planning out your meals with your friends!
    6. And last, take LOTS of pictures! Share your fun times with us by tagging us @sororityshop or using #sororityshop in your comments!

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    • Andrew Carreon