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Big & Little - How To Make The Most Out Of This Special Bond

Big/Little season is upon us. It is a time when older members are chosen to have a special bond and relationship with a new member. Big/Little a sisterly/brotherly love shared between two members. Bigs are special members who are chosen to guide, mentor, and love on littles through their first semester, initiation, and through the struggles of college in general. It is a special friendship designed to feel more like family. There are always special ways to make your big/little feel loved. Maybe you aren't or weren't the closest with your big/little before the reveal and now you want to be their best friend and create that special bond. Or maybe you and your big/little have had a special bond in the past and you both have faded away a little, and that big/little fire needs to be re-kindled! Either way and whatever the case may be, here are some helpful tips to make the most out of your big/little bond:

  1. Eat together! Go to breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your big/little once per week. Whether its at the dining hall or out somewhere, make that time for each other and you'll look forward to it!
  2. Weekly coffee dates: a coffee shop break is always needed, so why not share it with your big/little?
  3. Study dates: study/do homework together.
  4. Shopping trips: ask them to go shopping with you!
  5. Gym sessions: instead of going to the gym alone, ask them to come with you!
  6. Facetime sessions: if you're away from each other, reach out via facetime!
  7. Go to events together and get ready together!
  8. Join a club together.
  9. Go out together on the weekends.
  10. Sleepovers!
  • Andrew Carreon
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