What to include on a Sorority Recruitment Resume


Fall Semester of college is approaching and it's time for recruitment! Whether you are recruiting or going through recruitment, it is important to know a great recruitment resume when you see one.

When the time approaches to start writing up your personal resume for recruitment, there are a few important things to remember.

  1. Your full name (first, middle, last).

  2. Your picture. This should be a nice Senior picture or headshot of some sort.

  3. A pretty design with nice color scheme to match you and your personality; this is not a job resume, it should represent you.

  4. Basic info like what town you are from, phone number, and email address. 

  5. Education: what high school(s) or previous college you attended as well as your overall GPA.

  6. Personal info: your birthday, age, a fun fact, intended major/minor, and maybe your career goals.

  7. Awards, honors, scholarships, and any community service you have received or participated in.

  8. Activities, clubs, extra curriculars from high school/previous college.

  9. Any important roles and titles you held.

  10. Why you are choosing to join Greek Life.


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  • Andrew Carreon