To The Graduating Seniors, Thank You.


Girl graduation photo, Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash


To the graduating seniors, to the class of 2019, and to the 2015 pledge class, it's time to say goodbye. It's not a time to mourn and be sad, but a time to look back at all the wonderful memories we shared with you. It's a time you to make us proud, it's a time to show off your beauty, it's a time to dedicate to YOU.

So in all of this, thank you for recruiting us younger sisters, thank you for teaching us all we need to know, and thank you for showing us what sisterhood is all about.

Thank you for being great leaders and setting great examples for everyone below you. 

Thank you for being the strong and powerful women of our Sorority.

Thank you for being beautiful, inspiring, and someone to look up to always. 

Thank you for paving a path that is easy to follow but hard to fill the shoes that walked before us. You are everything we could have asked for in a big, in an older sister, in a sleepover friend, in a mentor, in a study partner, and in a leader of our chapter. You have given us every reason to want to better our sisterhood and keep the light shining that you left for us.

Don't forget to come and visit us, don't forget that this is still your home, and most of all don't forget that our sisterhood last for not just 4 years, but for a lifetime.


the younger sisters of your Sorority

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  • Andrew Carreon