Finals Week: Good Luck To Everyone!


Dead week is among us.
It's FINALly here (pun intended). 
All you have to do is survive these last few days to go home, snuggle up by the fire, and put Christmas movie on!
Here are the 12 Tips of Finals Week as told by @sororityshop:
  1. On the first day of finals week my true love gave to me, a life-time supply of coffee. Drink up, coffee is good for your brain! 
  2. You've heard it time and time again, but drink plenty of water and try not to eat too much junk food!
  3. Limit energy drink intake unless absolutely necessary. Choose coffee instead!
  4. Chew gum while studying. While you're taking the test, chew the same flavor of gum you did while studying, it triggers photographic memory.
  5. Study with friends. But don't let them distract you too much.
  6. Create a class study group-chat. This will make it easier for anyone with questions to quickly reach out.
  7. Study in the library.
  8. Write papers in the library pod rooms. It might be lonely but you'll get the job done faster. 
  9. Have someone read over your paper to look for errors.
  10. Don't take your phone when studying, you will be more focused and efficient without it there to distract you.
  11. Make sure you are well prepared before your final time and don't procrastinate until the night before.
  12. Focus on one thing at a time and don't get too overwhelmed. You got this!

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  • Andrew Carreon